How fintech Could Use Cloud Robotics to stress BaaS and Financial Inclusion?

While the human mode says NO to machines and robots, the techie inside us craves for hands-on experience to all the latest technology. A few days back when I experienced the Augmented Reality in real, I was awestruck, and my hands itched for more, I wanted to build more use cases for what I experienced, I yearn for what next? And then I stumbled upon Cloud Robotics

Popular Micro ATMs in rural areas

One a recent visit to our relative, he mentioned that in Zimbabwe Ndasenda with help of Teknospire’s Finx -Agency and payment Banking Suite was providing financial inclusion to the unbanked in remote areas.

Data and Analytics are Ruling the Fintech World

Data is no longer measured in terabytes (a thousand gigabytes) but in zettabytes (a billion terabytes).Data is lifeless unless you have a tool to analyze and visualize it! In simple terms, an Analytical tool could prove to be a drop of water to barren unstructured, raw amorphous data.

Fintech Firms and Union Budget 2017

The most awaited and anticipated day in the India financial year is the Budget day. This year’s budget was slightly different compared to the previous budgets on its presentation.

Is Enterprise System On Cloud Secure ?

What is Cloud Computing? In Cloud Computing, the word cloud is used to refer to the internet, so the phrase cloud computing means a type of internet based computing where different service such as servers, storage, applications are delivered to an organization through internet.

FinTech Solutions the Mann Deshi way

Some people amazes you, especially when you least expect it.Introduction to a new concept of social impact and the person behind it Chetna Vijay Sinha came to us as a web update.
Found that there could be synergies for teknospire and @MannDeshi in Lean Banking solutions.

Open Source Tools for Automation Testing @Teknospire

Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report for 2015–2016 has predicted that QA would grow by 40 percent in 2017. The same report also highlighted that Test automation has become widespread in the market, with 72% adoption. Although with technology like Cloud, IoTs, and Mobile Apps, there had been new challenges...

How Selenium Automation Testing is assuring the Solutions @Teknospire are Quality Checked

Time and again it has been proven – An issue caught in the later stages of an SDLC costs a firm a lot! Whenever it comes to cost cutting and as a response to tight timelines testing is one thing that gets eliminated from many SDLC. However, @Teknospire we believe in delivering only quality to our clients! That’s one of the reasons that testing is an integral part of our SDLC.

Fintech Products Launched In The Indian Market After Demonetization

The Nov 8th demonetization announcement has given the Indian Fintech segment a lift. Newer apps being introduced to help the people tide over the current situation and digitize the economy.The recently launched apps are mainly payment solutions catering to the UPI payment system. To our nontech readers,United payment Interface or UPI is nothing but a smart-phone based money transfer system integrated on any banking app.

FinTech Aggregators

In FinTech domain considering vast types of service bouquet there is a need to have strong eco system between multiple stake holder.
Aggregator is the word visualized first when building eco system of stake holders in general. And this Aggregator role is context driven since there are multiple types and levels of aggregator presence is possible.This article attempt to bring multiple roles and aspects where aggregator presence is possible in FinTech eco system.

How FinTech Solutions Could Hook Up this V-Day for a Better Life! #FintechHookups

Could Pairing be fun? I am not sure about myself, but technology matching is fun! Do not believe me?
Are you not enjoying your mobile/Laptop streaming on your 42’’ LED TV? Or Did you just install an anti-virus software on your new laptop? Or you are just planning to buy the new camera that has a built-in printer? Did you not pair up your mobile and speakers in your car via Bluetooth to listen to the music? It's hard to believe but we hardly use any “stand-alone device, ” and we always look for ways to pair the technologies to make our life merrier.

Banks—No Banks—Hiya Banks r back.

Love Hate relationship with banks and customers is continuing. Let me explain the Indian scene. A decade back we only had banks…any payments it had to be routed through the banks… there was no other institution or method for it. So it entailed long waits in queue and filling of big forms. Have had instances when to finish a bank job a work day had to be bunked. Not that we were complaining! It was yet another excuse to bunk work those times

Are Banks Heading Towards Extinction?

Will the new technology and innovation make Banks an extinct species? If India is stressing to go #cashless today, are we in a position to adopt blockchain? With small firms now financing small amount loans, the common man could skip the hassle of going to a bank? With Agent Banking providing services at your doorstep would banks be a lonely place?

How to make content for Tech companies?

Techies…. or nerds…. they need to be left at their bearings. You ask them to code for 24 hours a day…. the glee u see on their face is irreplaceable, but u ask them to manage people…. brrr… they would show their attitude… the same goes with an expression of what would give when they are asked to write on tech stuff…. or sometimes even talk of it. They are content with what they do…. don’t wanna talk about it.
Write of it… are you kidding???….

Demonetization in India and Zimbabwe

This is interesting!

While browsing the Google Trends, Word “Demonetization” has peaked the search results and is one of the top keywords that is being looked upon on the web in India.

We might be in a turbulent state with the phenomenon of “Demonetization” but we are not alone, quite recently even Zimbabwe and the Philippines demonetized their currency. Teknospire that is working to provide sustainable solutions of digitization to Fintech and Health Solutions has their operations in Zimbabwe.With Ndasenda serving as the operational division in Zimbabwe and teknospire as the tech division we are discussing the anatomy of Demonetization on the economy in two countries India and Zimbabwe.

JIRA – How a simple tool could empower a techie's life @Teknospire

Early in 2006, it was already few years of JIRA launched when I got a chance to use JIRA, I was not very impressed by its interface and interactions, as there were already established tracking tools both commercial and open source variants. However, later when I revisited in 2012 that was a complete overhaul and new experience of matured system ! Since then I have been a great fan of JIRA tool, a must by every team to track their progress and issues. Don’t believe me? Then this post is just for you –

How Demonetization is pushing us to go for Cashless transactions

I and my spouse were having a fight, how much money is enough for a teenager as a pocket money? I came to a figure of 250 INR and he wanted to round it off to 300 INR to eliminate the possibility of getting into the hassle of finding change. Just a perfect day of our fight - 08-Nov-2016, the red lettered day when the 500 and 1000 rs notes were banned, and media was flooded with #EmpowerCashlessEconomy...

Testimonial from NDASENDA™ partner

NDASENDA™ is a payments platform which has aggregated Zesa, Internet,Broadband,Wifi, Airtime and Insurance services. Vimbayi is one of star partners. His experience with us and his tactics to get the maximum out of the platform would help other partners. This interview would be one of the first in our series of getting one-on-one with our partners to know what in Ndasenda entices them and how they have benefitted from it.

Zimbabwe embraces Mobile Money and Digital Payments

Mobile money has transformed the way Zimbabweans do business as much as it has led to greater financial inclusion. The second edition of the Zimbabwe Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference and Awards ceremony, which was held at a local hotel in the capital, ran under the theme: Enhancing Risk Management On the Mobile Money...

How EVDS could simplify Consumers Life!

In this world of virtuality, where friends exist, we converse without actually meeting them, could look for traffic health of Las Vegas Streets, visit Ajanta and Ellora caves from your laptop and watch your favorite sports as good as live expecting cash to be managed and carried in a wallet would seem unfair.