We @ Teknospire provide sustainable solutions
    for digitisation of Financial ecosystems
  • FinX
    Teknospire's flagship Fintech product FinX enables
    Financial Institutions to offer variety of services,
    creating strong impact for  BETTER LIVING.
    Agency Banking Suite
    Mobile Money Suite
    Payment Switch
  • Social Impact
    Promote Transparent and Cost Effective Payment System
    Door step banking, agency banking
    Bring micro loans, grants and subsidies to the last mile
    Social Inclusion through Fintech offerings

Our Story

Meet the Entrepreneur Vishal Gupta and the story about his fintech herb - Teknospire

Every morning the newsfeed serves us the POC of new technology, and how it would disrupt the industries across the globe. However, the irony is that it’s the entrepreneur who takes the pain to solve a problem, but the credit is taken away by the technology! Among such entrepreneur is Vishal Gupta, who chose to build the financial inclusion ecosystem, banking available in the last mile / rural areas globally.

Vishal Gupta, the founder, and CEO of Teknospire an Indian Fintech firm that offers Fintech solution to help Banks in rural/remote areas. Vishal, a challenger in life, was surprised to know the fact that almost 50% of Indian population is still unbanked. They are always at the mercy of intermediaries and lack transparency. Numerous schemes and grants released under government policies and international aid never reach to the beneficiary. In case of financial crunch situation, they must take debt at very high-interest rates, putting them under obligation for the lifetime.

Vishal thought about it, brainstormed with his business partners, mentors and came up with an idea to have a banking solution with features like mobile compatibility and offline data access. The solution should be lightweight, easy to use and should be compatible with any handset.

Finally, Teknospire was born with the idea planted firmly in the ground to enable banking as the fundamental right to all Indian citizens.


Our Products

Agency & Payments Banking Suite

Enables any Bank or Financial Institution to cost effectively extend its branch network through the use of appointed and authorized banking agents. Read More

Mobile Money Suite

Connects financial, non-finacial institutions (service providers) and end-users by turning any mobile phone into a digital account, allowing the institutions to target both banked and unbanked population. Read More

Payment Switch

Aggregates all value added services like airtime, eletricity, water, data, insurance, taxes, school fees etc and a lot more. It connects into all central payment channels viz. Credit/Debit Cards, Wallets & Banks. Read More

Who We Are

Teknospire, is a technology company focussed on Fin-Tech platforms with active presence in emerging markets. As the name of the company suggests that every thing we create is inspired by Technological innovation.

Payments Solutions, Agency Banking / Payment Banks platform, Loan Disbursement / MicroFinance platform, Digital Wallet System, Fintech Application developer, Content developement for Fintech companies.

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