August 2017 – teknospire


August 2017
After a short break, I am back again to take my readers on an another tour of agency banking. While my previous tours Agency banking and Bitcoin , importance of agent banker gave us a peek into what is agency banking and their importance in emerging markets, this time let’s tour and get a peek...
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Hon’ble Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi said – I dream of Digital India where mobile and e-banking ensure financial inclusion. We might have heard many such quotes from our leaders, but what has been the ground reality? Has the government made any progress? What were the initiatives taken to boost social and financial inclusion?...
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May 2017 would be remembered as one of the horrifying months for many firms and individuals who were under threat of WannaCry, followed by Petya. During this period, Google trends showed them as most searched keywords, few firms ran a scan to make sure things are in place, and many individuals were scared to perform...
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On a recent holiday trip, my host was listening to the “Breaking Banks” podcast series on her android phone which set the ball rolling for my next blog “Can podcast play an important role in spreading fintech awareness”. Giving a thought to her positive review, I decided to go on an experimental journey with podcasts...
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