December 2017 – teknospire


December 2017

Skewed Startup parity and Much More — Startup Master Class

Was at a startup event in silicon capital of India, Bangalore conducted by @iitkaa_SMC Thanks to Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator for facilitating our participation. A Saturday well spent is what I can say! It was a great ensemble of speakers/startups/pitchers. It was divided into sections presentations by young achievers who was talking about what made...
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Biometrics empowering Digital banking

How Could Biometrics Help in Digital Banking?

With biometrics and its application trending the social media, firms and organizations are jumping the bandwagon to reap benefits. But you would be surprised to know that Biometrics is an age-old process used for your identification. Surprised? If we trace the history of biometrics, as per wiki in 1891 fingerprints catalog of criminals was formulated...
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