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Business Intelligence & Analytics


FinX BI and Analytics module allows you to explore the power of data and make informed business decisions with data mining,  statistical analysis, and quantitative analysis. Realign your business strategy to offer customized products to your customer based on predictive modeling and patterns. A self-service analytic tool that assists you and your customer in generating reports, transaction flow and offers a new approach to BI.

FinX offers you a “DIY analytic tool” to discover, structure and envision data

FinX brings together the combined expertise of process, analytics and data to help organizations Do Business Better.

Key Features

FinX allows data processing, analysis, and visualizations, coherently, by enabling faster time to insights.

Data Blending

The ability of FinX BI and Analytic tool to extract data from multiple sources by integrating seamlessly with existing software helps in collating large data.

Cloud-based BI Tool

FinX Cloud-based analytics and BI tool can be accessed from any device, anywhere without a need to deploy on install software.

Diving Deep Down

FinX  BI and analytics tool is equipped with advanced features like drill-down, search, filters that could be set as a Dashboard view, allowing users to access predefined views in a single click.

Data Security

FinX BI and analytics tool strictly follow banking standards. The suite allows you to control security levels by assigning permissions to each user at each level. With FinX you can assure a user gets to know only “what he is entitled” and nothing else.

DIY Tool

No more technical skills or jargon needed to craft a data report. Intuitive UI and comfortable navigation help users to sail and present the data in no time.

Scalable Analytics

FinX BI and analytics tool is scalable to empower customized analytics and innovative modules development for the ever-changing business needs.

Key Business Benefits

  • Offer personalized banking solutions and maximize customer retention and lead generation
  • Detect errors and fraud in real time, thereby mitigating risk
  • With digital forms and KYC, validate and analyse the regulatory requirements instantly with no chance of manual error
  • Structure your expenses and set performance goals to fine tune your budget