Best Digital Omnichannel Banking Software Solutions

FinX Omnichannel Banking

Unify Your Banking Experience

FinX offers cutting-edge Omnichannel Banking solution that revolutionizes how customers interact with their finances. 

  • Provides personalized customer journeys
  • Robust analytics
  • Compliance features
  • Data synchronization in real-time between multiple channels

Empowering Financial Institutions
with Omnichannel banking

With a focus on providing a seamless and consistent user experience across various digital touchpoints, our platform ensures a frictionless banking experience. FinX empowers financial institutions to stay competitive and enhance customer satisfaction. Customers can begin their onboarding on one channel and finish it on another, without the hassle of re-entering their data.

Key Features

Enabling Financial Institutions to Thrive with Enhanced Competitiveness and Customer Satisfaction

Unified Products Overview

Eliminate the need for your customers to toggle between banking apps by offering a unified product overview.

Smart Orchestration

The orchestrator uses customer banking data to deliver relevant and personalized messages, at the right time and place.

Automation and Insights

Trigger and automate communications, notify users, and provide relevant advice based on activity, banking data, and more.

Endless Data Integration

With third-party data integration, targeting & segmentation can be enriched using web analytics, credit scores, location data, and much more.

Core Agnostic

FinX interfaces easily with both legacy systems and the most modern systems of record.

Scalable Architecture

A modern, microservice-based architecture that enables you to seamlessly orchestrate customer journeys across any touchpoint.

Key Business Benefits

Digital Operations

Provide customers access to both digital and offline services with digital-first approach.

Reduced Cost

Automates mundane and repetitive tasks minimizing operations expenditures, leaving human resources to execute more complex jobs.

New Revenue Streams

Provides access to new features like online onboarding, complex data analytics and marketing that facilitates better decision-making.

Better Communication

Allows monitoring and tracking of all communication touchpoints for both existing and prospective clients.

Enhanced Security

Platform comes secured with multi- factor authentication protocols that keep user data safe from unauthorized access.

Elevate Banking Experiences
Seamless Integration for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency
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