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FinX Wallet

Banking on the Move

FinX platform offers your customers innovative products and quick financial services at their fingertips. This innovative digital wallet empowers users by-

  • Enabling a wide range of financial transactions
  • Seamless and convenient way to manage money
  • Make Payments and Receive Funds
  • Instant-transfers across any part of the country

Bridging the Gap for the Unbanked

With the FinX digital wallet, users can perform tasks such as making payments, transferring money, and receiving funds all through their mobile devices. This solution not only enhances financial accessibility for individuals who may lack access to formal banking services but also promotes financial inclusion by integrating unbanked consumers into the digital economy.

Key Features

FinX Digital Wallet: Expanding Financial Access for All

Multiple Method Supported

Supports QR payments using Scan and Pay, in-app transfers through mobile numbers or mobile number to bank account transfers.

Digital Wallet

FinX offers a stored value account, a prepaid digital wallet linked to their mobile number, enabling them to do multiple financial transactions.

Link Bank Accounts

For bank and carded customers, FinX provides an option to save a payment instrument like a credit card, debit card or bank account with the digital wallet and make payments using it.

Dynamic Pricing through in-built Billing Engine

The powerful billing engine gives the flexibility to revise pricing and run new promotions or to set commissions based on multiple parameters such as the customer’s profile, location etc.

Transaction Tracking

End-to-end tracking of entire payment transaction across all the stages from initiation to completion.

Innovation with Open APIs

Offer the workflows to third-party service providers through Open APIs and enable wide variety of offerings to the customers from these third-party service providers.

Key Business Benefits


Data-Driven decisions to offer personalized loan options tailored to individual needs and risk profiles.

Enhanced Security

Platform comes secured with multi- factor authentication protocols that keep user data safe from unauthorized access.

New Revenue Streams

Provides access to new features like bill payments, third-party services or couponing for merchants.

Reduced Cost

Automates mundane and repetitive tasks minimizing operations expenditures, leaving human resources to execute more complex jobs.

Better Communication

Introduce in-app chat or push- notifications with pre-integrated third-party MarkTech platforms to increase customer engagement.

Customer Experience

User-Friendly interface where powerful digital application interface provide a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience for customers.

Shaping the Future of Banking
Extend the full spectrum of financial services via mobile wallets
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