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How FinTech Solutions Could Hook Up this V-Day for a Better Life! #FintechHookups


Could Pairing be fun? I am not sure about myself, but technology matching is fun! Do not believe me?
Are you not enjoying your mobile/Laptop streaming on your 42’’ LED TV? Or Did you just install an anti-virus software on your new laptop? Or you are just planning to buy the new camera that has a built-in printer? Did you not pair up your mobile and speakers in your car via Bluetooth to listen to the music? It’s hard to believe but we hardly use any “stand-alone device, ” and we always look for ways to pair the technologies to make our life merrier.

This Valentine Day @Teknospire we bring to you “Why Hooking Up Is Fun” and present to you a list of probable #fintechhookups to make our life jollier. Let’s take a sneak peek –

Fintech Solutions pairing With Government Offices

One of the common man fear is to get the paperwork done from the government agencies be it for – birth, death, new vehicle registration, voter id card or passport! How about a Fintech Solution that allows you to pay the fees via online mode, upload the document required with their verification status and provides you a slot at which you could come and collect your ready document or if possible could be dispatched to your address.

In fact Mr Narendra Modi policies and the Union Budget 2017 was to streamline such processes. His initiatives like #DigitalIndia are making e-governance, e-village and e-marketplace as reality!

Fintech Solutions pairing With medical center’s

A two-year-old boy was having persistent fever since last seven days, consulting a local medical practitioner was not helping him. They needed some expert advice; the local authority connected him to a specialist via video conferencing in a metro city, the doctor advised to get some necessary tests done and share the reports. The self-driving cars and robots came to rescue, that collected the sample required and delivered them to the lab.The reports were shared digitally, and within minutes his new prescription was shared. The story does not end here, as the parents could use their mobile to transfer the consultation fees to the doctor.

Fintech Solutions pairing With Agriculture

How about the pairing of Fintech Solutions with vehicles or instruments used in farming, providing them with the intelligence and increase productivity? Just imagine a vehicle supervising a field and sends the data to the Agricultural Center, they analyze and prescribe on the missing points. The prescription is taken up the farmer and worked upon, or how about once the crop is ready, the quality is shared across the market online and a buyer bids the price. On settling upon a price, the crop is harvested and dispatched!

Fintech Solutions pairing With Public transport

Your daily bus is late by 5 minutes is the notification you receive on the phone! You could have spent 5 minutes more with your family! With a Fintech solution that provides you bus/train/air tickets, allows you to track the route via GPS and moreover send you and your family of the notifications in case there is a delay could be a dream come true for many commuters.

Fintech Solutions pairing With Education Board

I was shocked to know when one of my neighbors took a day off to stand in the queue for the admissions of his kid for a nursery in one of the prestigious school. Another case with my housemaid when she got her pension late, and she wanted to submit her daughter college fees as it was the last day and next day was a holiday.
A fintech solution that could connect school/colleges and all the educational institutional with the financial hubs could validate and verify the documents and as per the eligibility criteria announces the admission list could be handy for many parents.

The Social Impact of the FintechHookUps

All the #FintechHookups aim to digitization and automated processing of the existing manual work, which could have a significant impact on the society. In fact, PWC reports highlighting some of the facts that –

  1. Digitization multiplies the benefits of connectivity, as it generates three times more economic benefit than broadband alone.
  2. Digitization contributes positively to job creation, with a 10 percent increase in digitization reducing the unemployment rate by 0.84 percent
  3. Countries in the advanced digitization stage reap 20 percent more economic benefits than countries at the start of their digitization journeys.

And, the policymakers need to put “digitization” as the primary goal to infuse digital movement flow down the pyramid and reach out to the mass for only then it would make a significant impact.

Teknospire, the initiator of #FintechHookups

@Teknospire we believe in “Leading by Example,” hence our work in progress for a couple of the #FintechHookups is in line. Some of our #FintechHookups solutions that would soon be live are –

  1. Connecting Money and the “Right People” – Have you ever fathomed what happens to the grant received by developing countries from WHO or USAID? You might have assumed it goes to the politician’s pocket. But what if it reaches to the concerned person and he uses that money elsewhere? For such issues, Teknospire presents its first #FintechHookups solution that makes sure that people use the money for which it is granted. For more details read on our post
  2. Farmers Reaping the benefits of their crop – We often speak about the “middlemen” who buy stuff from the farmers at a cheap rate and sell it at a higher price! Or you might have heard of government schemes sanctioning money for farmers, but they never receive it. To solve such issues, Teknospire has brought in their #AgriFinTech Solution that makes these transactions linked to the AADHAAR card, and every step of crop and money could be tracked to make it transparent. For more details on our #AgriFintech Solution, please click here.

Go on brace yourself with technology and let the pairing help you to enjoy it more. Wouldn’t a movie sound fun with friends? #PairUp #FintechHookUps