Quiz: How Well Do you know Fintech and Payment Industry?

Fintech had made an impact in people’s lives, be it with Last Mile Banking, Microfinancing or integration with HealthTech to provide seamless medical care. Its evolving and fascinating to witness technology managing your financial portfolio, getting help from Robo-advisors, or looking for health insurance. The buzz is now a part of our life.

How much do you know about it? Did you know the first public bank to launch a credit card in India was Central Bank of India? And LIME, started by AXIS in 2015, was the first mobile app in India to integrate wallets, shopping, payments, and banking?

Do you know if UPI, NPCI BHIM are government initiatives to facilitate interbank transfers?

To explore many such facts, take Teknospire Fintech Quiz

Number of Questions – 10

Estimated time ~ 1 minute

Do check out to know if you are better than your colleagues.

If you are not able to access the above link, click here to take the quiz.

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