Blogs, news, & articles are the most sought-after medium to catch up on the latest technological happenings especially in the fintech and payments arena. Overcrowding of the internet space has made finding popular and content rich blogs a tough task at hand. So here we are with an infographic presentation of the popular global fintech blogs with the links.

Top 9 Global Fintech blogs


Finextra – https://www.finextra.com
Medici – https://gomedici.com/
PYMNTS – https://www.pymnts.com/
Daily Fintech – https://dailyfintech.com
Fintech weekly – https://www.fintechweekly.com/
Finovate – http://finovate.com/
Payment Source – https://www.paymentssource.com/
The fintech times – https://www.ft.com/
Teknospire – http://blog.teknospire.com/

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