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FinX Agency Banking

Banking Beyond Borders

FinX platform allows users to offer the full range of transactions directly by themselves or through assistance through agents. This includes-

  • Cash deposits (cash to account)
  • Withdrawals (account to cash)
  • Money transfers including cash to cash transfers
  • Account to account payments
  • Loan repayments & bill payments.
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Empowering Financial Inclusion and Comprehensive Customer Services

Using FinX Agency Banking agents can on board new customers, perform KYC by capturing the customer ID and customer photo and submit it for verification and even open accounts on their behalf. Once enrolled, the solution allows agents to offer the customers a complete range of agency banking services, including access to mini statements and balance inquiries, customer PIN change, cash withdrawal, issue a card or print a receipt.

Key Features

Enabling Access to Full Banking Services for All Customers Through Agent Assistance

Interactive Business Dashboards

Agents can monitor their business health in terms of keeping a close watch on sales and revenue.

Enable Agents for Financial Services

Based on Agent type, an Agent can offer financial services like account opening, deposits, transfers, withdrawals, insurances etc.

Value Added Services

Agents can earn lucrative commissions by selling various value-added services like airtime, recharges, coupons, electricity tokens etc. You can avail commissions in real-time basis.

Dynamic Pricing through in-built Billing Engine

The powerful billing engine gives the flexibility to revise pricing and run new promotions or to set commissions based on multiple parameters such as the agent’s profile, location etc.

Float Management

Agents can easily manage their float/e-Value/Cash Value through standing instructions. Based on the thresholds, system sends the reminder to top-up their float.

Two Factor Authentication for Security

Each Agent is assigned with a unique login and transactional password. No transaction can get processed without entering the unique transactional password.

Key Business Benefits

Additional Delivery Channel

Agent Banking is an additional delivery channel that enhances the convenience and outreach of affordable financial services to an underserved segment of the population in a very cost-efficient manner.

Grow Client Base

By providing services through a network of agents, financial institutions can more easily register new customers or open new accounts online. As a result, a financial institution does not only need to rely on their existing branch network and staff to acquire new customers.

Rapid Deployment, Rapid Return

FinX has been designed to seamlessly and quickly integrate into virtually any infrastructure. It has a range of pre-configured online, offline and real time options for integrating with service providers, money transfer processors, core banking systems, card management systems and other solutions.

Cost Saving

The cost of opening branches or setting up ATMs in remote locations tends to be high and Agent Banking offers a more cost-efficient solution by leveraging networks of existing retail outlets.

Increase Revenue

Financial service providers can easily expand their reach without being limited by their existing branch network and can reach new areas and new customer segments. As a result, transaction volumes and revenue will increase.

Inclusive Banking for all
Harness the Power of FinX for Unmatched Financial Inclusion and Customer Convenience
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