Mobilize data with highly scalable and configurable product FinX ReCON. Automate your entire banking reconciliation process with a single control point. Equipped with a unique matching algorithm the product assists in structuring the data and match of transaction data. Armed with the sophisticated Business Process Management, ReCON offers unbeatable performance for the banking needs.

ReCON empowers end users to automate complex reconciliations and monitoring requirements.

‘FinX’ – ReCON offers banks, NBFC’s and Financial Institutions to have better control and visibility of the account and transaction details.

Key Features

ReCON assists your bank in verifying the integrity of data

Cloud- Ready

A Cloud-Ready architecture offers unified background updates reducing time-to-market,
automatic reconciliation process from anytime anywhere

Data Compatible

Supports all type of data handlers – Excel, XML, CSV, etc. Quick adoption to data formats
with no constraint on size.

Intuitive UI

A simple and intuitive UX offers your customer comfortable navigation with no additional
training, assistance, and experimentation.

Secure Architecture

Grasp secured architecture with sophisticated algorithms and inbuilt multi-factor
authentication like biometrics and OTP based payments

Automate Workflows

Smoothen your banking services by reducing paper/manual process, use ReCON to
automate and streamline complex reconciliation workflows.

Key Business Benefits

  • Identify Frauds, access transaction detail comparison
  • Automated account balance, identify banking errors
  • Identify banking profitability by unboxing hidden expenses and bank fees
  • Structured workflows with proper segregation of duties
  • Includes templates and checklists to standardize reconciliation processes
  • Documentation support with Integrated storage