Fintech Applications That are truly OUT OF BOX – teknospire

In the age of online funds transfer and automation, what could be out of the box thinking of a fintech application? A flying drone delivering money in a rural area? Or your own car recommending you about the best car insurance? Well, the above cases may still be a dream, but some of the great ideas that have been implemented in the fintech industry are worth reading and experiencing –

Kabbage founded in 2009 offers fast access to working capital. Kabbage is an excellent option for borrowers who have a rocky credit history, need quick cash and prefer a short repayment method. The firm could sanction a loan of up to $250K with 6-12 month terms. While the process of issuing credit is transparent and straightforward the benefit they offer is the flexibility of funds, i.e., users can withdraw funds whenever they want, there are no prepayment penalty charges and also no origination fees. The application could be accessed via their website, or a mobile app makes it comfortable and convenient for customers to login from anywhere.

Ndasenda founded in 2016 is a startup from India aiming to bring financial inclusion to the underbanked with its products. Teknospire created and developed the user-friendly FINX suite that encapsulates Agent Banking, Payment, Analytics and Mobile Money application.  The firm targets to empower the underbanked community by providing them banking over the phone in online and offline mode. The simple FINX suite enables micropayments, microloans and micro remittance to its customers saving them from visiting remote bank branches and saving banks in setting up a branch at rural places.

Traity is a unique concept that helps in building trust. It analyses your social accounts [ providing your privacy] and get recommendations from other friends who may have a good reputation on Traity and then provides you with a Reputation score and profile. The score and profile is a representation of trust and reputation that could help you in widening your network or business. The firm works on the principle of collaboration and 360-degree feedback.


goHenry is a Pre-paid, Pocket Money Card and App with unique parental controls, for young people aged 6 to 18. We all know the fact the teaching kids about spending and saving is a hard task, that’s where the goHenry app is quite useful. You can just top-up the amount onto a child’s card and set rules [like which shop to be used]. You can also set daily tasks and chores for your kid that allow him to be monetized once he has executed them. goHenry provides an opportunity for your kid to be independent and know the rules of the money game.

Cuvva the Scottish startup is offering hourly car insurance sold through a mobile app, to lure the infrequent drivers and disrupt the traditional car insurance scheme. The way it works is like this – you buy a monthly subscription [of between  £10 and £30]  depending on where you live and kind of car you possess. You then can purchase a top-up via the app for the number of hours you plan to drive.

Byte Academy offers affordable learning programs to stay up to date on technology and business side of Fintech and finance world. The industry focussed programs include Full Stack Python Software Development FinTech, Data Science, and Blockchain. The courses could be availed from New York, Bangalore and Remote location.  The academy has a flexible course schedule to meet the requirements of working or just out of college learners. The courses are designed in such a way that they focus on practical education and heavily emphasize project work.