FinTech Solutions the Mann Deshi way – teknospire
MannDeshis Emblem used as decoration in the arrangement in front of their newly inaugurated building.

Some people amazes you, especially when you least expect it. Introduction to a new concept of social impact and the person behind it Chetna Vijay Sinha came to us as a web update. Found that there could be synergies for teknospire and @MannDeshi in Lean Banking solutions. Not the usual back and forth of emails, but when made a sincere request, we were heard and called in to hear us out about our solutions. We were glad to be there, was part of the team. I was more interested to know what these empowered women are up to in rural India.

After our usual technical mumbo jumbo presentation, the team which was headed by ChetnaJi and RekhaJi just brought back to the perspective of what are the real problems were on the ground, which they want us to the solve. The problems of stagnation in a market which was brought in demonization or similar economic situations in future and availability of technology sometimes for their agents to do the day to day transactions for the bank, which makes time of transaction long and most of the times laborious. They wanted us to add to their last leg digitisation of their banking solutions, which benefits farmers, daily wage workers and rural students.

We hope to match up their solutions. An example one of such solutions described below.
RekhaJi’s sure shot solution to bust the stagnancy of cash in the weekly market of Mahswad.

She with the help of nationalised bank came up with a solution to provide the farmers and traders of the local market with coins in exchange of 500 Rs, for that day’s transactions.
So the farmers, sellers and Service Providers in the local market had money to transact. Thus bringing money back in circulation. This excites us that we would be learning a lot of being on this ground.