Top 5 Fintech Post 2019 – teknospire

A big year for Fintech – or should I say Fintech-led disruption?

Experts predicted Fintech to scale in 2019, and they weren’t wrong – innovation-led banking, bypassing legacy banks, new entrants like Neo Banks taking a plunge reducing friction to serve Banking for one and all. Initiatives like PSD2 and Sahamati shaping up and being adopted by masses.

It was a year worth remembering…

A look at some of our insightful 2019 posts that made some noise… in case you missed it… a RECAP…

Top 5 FinTech Posts 2019

ABC’s of Last Mile Payments

No economy could flourish unless the bottom of the pyramid is included in the gains. And that’s where Inclusive Banking, Last Mile Banking comes into picture. If you are still new to the domain or exploring how your Bank can take a step forward… visit our post here

Digital Banking – Initiatives, Use Cases, Examples, Opportunities in the US

A developed nation like the US should lead the global economy in Fintech innovation, but that’s not true. A report by EY on Global Fintech Adoption Index shows China leading, with India scoring #2 position and US scoring 24th position [among the 27 markets under survey]. That opens up a lot of possibility of Fintech expansion in the US. So read on our post on the Use cases, examples and Opportunities to explore here

KPIs to measure the ROI of a digital bank

While “Digitization” can solve many problems for end-users, have you thought your Banks, NBFC and FI should measure the returns of a digital platform? That’s why our post KPI’s to measure ROI of a digital bank can help you in evaluating if adopting to digital channels was worth your time and effort. Read on our post here to know the KPI’s in details. If you need any help, we are just a call away.

Neo Bank – Use Cases, Impact and how it is challenging the incumbents

The Digital-only bank is the new entrant in the Fintech world, offering customers “Banking.” The debate is on whether these would bypass the legacy banks or die a premature death, we believe Neo Banks and Legacy Banks as siblings, learning from each other and serving the customers. In case you are looking for more insights on possible Neo Banking use cases, read on our post here.

Digital Wallets in Israel – Use Cases, Consumers, and Economy

Israel a highly developed nation but still lacks in digital payments? What could the reason? Government regulation or people’s lack of interest? Read on to explore the insights here..