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Agent Bankers – The Catalyst Of Financial Inclusion In Emerging Markets


After a short break, I am back again to take my readers on an another tour of agency banking. While my previous tours Agency banking and Bitcoin , importance of agent banker gave us a peek into what is agency banking and their importance in emerging markets, this time let’s tour and get a peek into the catalyst role played by agent bankers to bring about financial inclusion in emerging countries like India. My tour would be through info-graphics and the tour itinerary comprises of what makes agent bankers most apt for this role, how can agent bankers become catalysts, what tools can be used by them to become enablers of financial inclusion.
Welcome aboard on the tour and here we are at our first halt to find out why agent bankers are the enablers of change.

What makes agent bankers suitable for the catalyst role
What makes agent bankers suitable for the catalyst role

Ticking off our first destination on our itinerary let us move on to our final and last destination “The Signboard”. “The Signboard” showcases the tools provided by Teknospire (such as MAKash e-wallet and Lean banking solutions provided to the MannDeshi foundation ) that can be of use to the agent bankers in achieving financial inclusion. However, let us walk through the ways in which agent bankers can contribute to financial inclusion before we arrive at our landmark signboard.

The ways by which agent bankers can become catalysts are :-

  • They conduct classes to educate people on the financial matters and create financial awareness.
  • They sign up with a financial institution like a bank and start providing agency banking services.
  • They initially handhold the customers to use different tools and then gradually wean them off the hand-holding
    by either making the customers self -reliable or by building a hierarchy of agent bankers below them to handle specific areas.

Having walked through the above ways we are here at the sign board that displays Teknospire’s tools. Request you to have a good look at it before we return back to our point of origin.

Teknospire's agent banking tool
Teknospire’s agent banking tool

Hoping that this tour has been enjoyable, I hope my guests would urge more agent bankers to use Teknospire solutions to achieve financial inclusion.